My Story

grenvilleWe all have a life story. Does it shape us into who we are today? Absolutely. Does it define who we are? Absolutely not!

Let me explain why.

As a truth-seeker, I am always searching for the deeper meaning in all things. I seek to get to the bottom of things as a means to help others do the same. That being said, I truly believe we all have a life purpose and are here to learn about it and master it so that we can eventually share our lessons with others. The challenge in today`s world is that we get easily caught up in the chaos and lose our ground. In other words, we are so busy making ends meet, that we forget who we are and what we came here to understand in the first place.

As long as I can remember, I could sense other people’s emotions or pick up a room’s vibe. You could call me an empath or just plain old sensitive. With my spidey senses, I became an expert at reading others and knew what to say or not to say. Being a kid who moved many times over the course of 12 years, this ability also helped me perfect the art of blending in. Who wants to be the new kid on the block, right?

Like most of us, slowly but surely, I forgot about my true nature and became immersed in life’s drama. I lived through my parent’s divorce, lost my home to a house fire, ended up in a couple of abusive relationships and gave up on some of my dreams because of my lack of confidence. I felt resentful towards many people in my life and had a hard time overcoming life’s mishaps.

Fast-forward to the age of 30 when I basically hit rock bottom after ending yet another abusive relationship. I was lost; confused and hurt. This was NOT the life I had signed up for! After a few weeks of self-pity, I became angry; so angry. Angry at others for taking advantage of me; angry at my life for it not being what I had envisioned; angry at myself for letting all of this happen right before my eyes.

This led me onto a path of soul searching to find out why I had ended up so lost and unhappy. I found a wonderful psychologist who had a beautiful approach to Healing. She showed me how to tap into my true essence and find the courage to let go and face my fears. I delved into my old psychology books and read inspiring ones on spirituality and positive thinking. This was my first stepping stone to something far greater than I could ever have imagined.

When my first son was born, I suffered from Adrenal Fatigue, was pre-diabetic, had hormonal acne and was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood and life in general. (Enter the glass of red wine here)

I was addicted to all the things that I now encourage others to eliminate from their diet– sugar, caffeine and alcohol. I worked full-time, I denied sleep, wholesome and healthy food, going to the bathroom and exercise. I helped hundreds of families in need, implemented educational and community programs, took care of my family, knowing I still had not physically, mentally and emotionally gotten over my 1st pregnancy.

Shortly after my pretty picture of overload, I took a long leave of absence from the working force to pursue a new way of living life. I was introduced to energy healing, attended many workshops, then became certified Naturopathic Herbalist and Energy Practitioner as well as a Master Intuitive Numerologist and I haven’t looked back since. I had slowly but surely, dug myself out of the hole I had dug for myself. 

You see, in order to help my children grow into the amazing human beings they are meant to be, I had to heal myself first. I had to peel back the many layers I had added onto “my Self” over the last 20 years and reconnect with my authentic self.

Knowing this, I have dedicated my life to finding answers to my questioning mind through research, trainings and certifications to better myself as a mother, as a woman, as a human being.

Becoming a certified Intuitive Numerologist allowed me take a step back and better understand my life’s purpose.  Your Birth Chart has the ability to dust off the cobwebs and reveal your true value.  I was then able to tap into my true potential. It also allowed me to understand my children, my husband and everyone else in my life on a much deeper level and create a more meaningful connection.

My trainings as a Naturopathic Energy Practitioner, and Herbalist also allowed me to delve deeper into the world of Holistic Medicine to create a balanced state for myself as well as for my family; body, mind and Soul.

After going through this challenging, yet incredibly rewarding personal transformation, a ”light” went on ( I guess that’s why we call it “enlightment”).  I wanted to help women reconnect with themselves and their loved ones in order to feel alive and happy on all levels.

My goal is to inform, guide and inspire you towards your ultimate happy place.  I bring awareness towards positive and healthy life choices to help you find true happiness; which is all about re-discovering your inner self.  Your outer world is a direct reflection on your inner world. If it’s a bit chaotic in there, then your surroundings will also end up being chaotic.

Don’t get me wrong, I still slip at times, but I’ve learned to intervene way before the crash. And since I transformed my life, I’ve decided to teach other women on how to start their own journey to health and happiness minus all the speed-bumps and detours.

Life is way too short to be at a standstill. Take the opportunity to experience the power of personal transformation like I have for myself and live that amazing life you are meant to have.


Lots of Love,