A New Year To Be Inspired!

2018 is an 11/2 Universal Year. 11 is the first Master Number and represents the intuitive teacher and inspirational leader. The lessons can be easy. The lessons can be difficult. One thing is certain…the lessons will be learned.

We are all presented with numerous opportunities from which we can learn the lesson we need to learn. When we choose to ignore them, or do not even recognize them, they will return. Each and every time, just like a boomerang, they return; the lesson gets a little more dramatic and intense.

Just like a screaming child asking for our attention, if we continue to ignore these life lessons, the moment will eventually arrive when we will have absolutely no choice but to pay attention as situations will become impossible to ignore. We will be forced into finding solutions to move forward and evolve in our lives. 

2018 is going to be a year filled with a constant stream of BIG lessons. Things that have remained hidden. Things about which we do not speak. Things that are injustices and inequalities that have been ignored.  They will all be present in our daily lives this upcoming year.

With a Universal Year the energy begins to seep its way in 4 to 6 weeks prior to the new year.  You would have to have been living in an internet-free cave to not be aware of the paradigm-shifting activities that are taking place. 

That being said, the energy and vibration of the 11/2 Universal Year is here to teach. It is here to illuminate our path. It is here to emphasize the dualities of the double-1s and the underlying 2 and by so doing, expose us to the concept of understanding and accepting the energy and meaning of the ‘Two’ in order to show us how to live in concert, with acceptance, and recognition of both sides of all situations. We must learn that it is the opposites that allow us to see clearly.


One cannot see the light without having the contrast of darkness.


On the positive side, 2018 can be a time of an increase in our spirituality. Of benefit to all, we may also see the rising up, or emergence of spiritual teachers who are here to assist us in our growth. 


2018 is a year for us to learn the lessons of both the inner and outer worlds


2018 is certainly a year during which we must learn the lessons of both the inner and outer worlds. Co-operation, tolerance, acceptance, and learning to work and live in harmony are all elements of the overarching energy of the year. In learning these lessons there is a call for balance and centering.

We may very well experience pendulum swings from the material to the spiritual and back again. While this will be a year of increased idealism, it is important that we avoid nit-picking the small details of things and with those with whom we may disagree. Above all, good examples must be set, especially in the realm of increasing the level of dedication, and commitment to working with others. We may find answers and inspiration through the various expressions of the arts, be it art, music, movies, literature, and just plain, old conversations.

In the world of the Tarot, 11 is the card of Justice. This card is a representation of teaching, education, and guidance. We must seek to find balance through justice as we weigh the meaning of present situations and conditions, and achieve balance by overcoming the errors of the past. The use of discrimination in our thoughts and deeds is highlighted. It is imperative that we individually and collectively work to eliminate the poisonous toxins in life.


Above all, 11 is a teacher.


In conclusion, we must look within ourselves to find our way forward. We must do this individually and collectively. We must be vigilant in looking for the inspirations and teachers who are here to assist. We must gravitate towards a more loving, compassionate, and caring world. 

Personally, I believe that 2018 can, and should be, the Year of the Woman. The paradigms are shifting. Those who currently hold power realize their days are numbered and I am certain they will not leave the stage without a fight. Fight we must if our intentions are good and pure.







I wish each and every one of you the absolute best for the coming year. May you be inspired to do your best to improve your life and the lives of all with whom you have contact. Be strong. Be loving. Be caring.


Lots of Love,


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