Back Yourself Up Completely During The Holidays

While the holiday season is generally full of joy and cheer, we all know that it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. As a wife,a mother and an entrepreneur I’m approaching the 12th year of navigating this hectic time and trying to keep myself (and my family) sane. Thank goodness, I’ve learned a few things along the way:

We know we should be enjoying ourselves; after all, it is a season of joy and giving.  But inside, we secretly wish we could put our feet up armed with a quart of our favorite ice cream and a very large spoon.

So how do we get our rhythm back without letting go of our obligations?

1.     Identify. First, identify the 3 most important areas of your life for this week.   Usually these 3 items will have something to do with your values.  For example, one might be nurturing your family.  Another area might be to take extra good care of yourself (don’t laugh – I know that’s the last thing you probably will think about and THAT’s why I put in it in here).  A third might be to focus on marketing your business or hobby.

2.      Balance. Look at your week and identify where and when you are handling these three areas of life.  Are you doing enough?  If not, add more.  Are you doing too much in one area?  If so, set that aside.  Once you feel that you are fulfilling the three most important obligations, look to see what else can fit that is reasonable

3.      Be true to yourself. You may find that you cannot organize that office Christmas party.  Be honest with yourself.  Delegate!

4.      Simplify. Perhaps you don’t have the time to write and send holiday cards to everyone. Could this be the year for a generalized e-card?

Your natural rhythm is important and your ability to identify and honor it will not only help you, but it will also help the people in your life.  My last tip to ease through the holidays with a smile is a simple breathing technique.


Take a deep breath…repeat.

Our breathing is one of our most ‘disconnected’ element and has become a lost art, so to speak. Right breathing will increase your health in many, many ways.  In Qi Gong or Yoga, students become aware of the importance of the breath. They learn to reduce and eliminate the unreleased tension of the mind and body.

Breathing exercises can do wonders for digestion, healing, sleep deprivation, and many more health issues that most people suffer from.

Guess what else…Short breathing raises the acidic level of the body. Deep breathing alkalizes the body!!! With all those holiday treats and cocktails, we can all surely benefit from this mindful exercise.

How can you add breath work to your life?

  • While you are sitting at your desk, driving in your car, or standing in a line up and the thought comes to mind, take a few deep breaths.
  • Join a Yoga, Qi Gong or Tai Chi class in your area.  And make sure you like your instructor!
  • Another recommendation: Check out my video on Nadi Breath.



Another thing that helps me make it all work, is ‘the way I think’.  Negative thoughts and stress will ultimately destroy, suck up, deplete and negate any positive situation; even the holiday season!

There are such things as emotional toxins and these are just as deadly to the function of the organs.  Most North Americans are becoming moderately aware of meditation as a form of relaxation.  Although there are many types of meditation, the simplest form is relaxation.

Relaxation comes by way of slowing down the mind chatter. Though not an easy task for some, with practice and determination, the ability to shut down your monkey mind will eventually come. 

  • Keep a healthy attitude.  Be mindful of your moods.
  • Make a ‘sacred space’ in your own home.  A place where you can retreat to for daily quiet time; the bathroom was my secret hideout for a while 


Final last words: “Back yourself up completely!”

Lots of Love,


Follow me down the yellow brick road!



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