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Julie Cloutier is an incredible lady that seeks a holistic approach.  My experience was great from day one.  She is very personable and I felt a good connection immediately.  My family and I have been going to see her for a few years now.  She did our numerology charts, which I was very skeptical at first, but the results were mind blowing. We’ve had Energy Therapy sessions with her as well, which were very relaxing and truly helped us body, mind & Soul. She has also provided us with some delicious healthy recipes and great tips.

She is responsible for a revolutionary change in our approach to life and a positive change in our health. I am thoroughly impressed by her skills and competence. She really helped us see the BIG PICTURE. It set the tone for us to start taking better care of yourselves. We’ve never been as happy and full of life as we are right now!

If you are struggling with a disorder or even just poor health, I strongly encourage you to visit her. Life is too short to be spending your life unhappy and unhealthy!

Julie, I greatly admire your dedication, you are such an inspiration! I sincerely thank you for your contributions to my family!

Valérie G.

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